How to download prohibited & illegal mods for World of Tanks?

What mods are prohibited in WoT?

Mods and cheats that provide the World of Tanks player with an advantage that the Administration considers excessive are prohibited. Such cheating mods for World of Tanks fall into the list of prohibited ones, and players caught using the modification categories from the list below will be punished.

See the list of prohibited mods below.

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Apollo Pack for WoT

Apollo Modpack

DownloadWe present you one of the best modpack, Apollo Pack – The pro advantage for WoT. Why Apollo Pack? Easy installation, Automatic Updates, Secure, Fast Professional Support on the official site, Powerful Customization directly in hangar!!! The modpack includes the most important mods like: CHAMELEON, DESTRUCTION, LASERS, AIMBOTS, MTURRETS, OUTSIGHT, SHADOW, INSIGHTFUL, TWEAKS, TUNDRA, RELOADING, … Read more

Aimbot Shaitan sight for WoT

Аимбот шайтан

DownloadGreat cheat mod Aimbot Shaitan for WoT – this is an autofocus, a classic of forbidden mods. Allows you to shoot without missing. In fact, You only need to control the movement of the tank, and everything else will do the sight. Mod features Smart notification with detailed settings in the configuration. Automatic localization of the client … Read more

Tundra trainer

DownloadTundra trainer is a well-known cheat that removes all vegetation on the map and makes it easier to aim. Bushes and foliage do not interfere with aiming. This is the most popular forbidden mod. The difference between the trainer and the usual tundra mod is that the trainer is a program that is installed on Your computer and runs simultaneously … Read more

Lom-Packk – cheat modpak for WoT


DownloadLom-Packk is a great cheat modpack with up-to-date cheats. Everything for a comfortable game and bending down! It is composed of forbidden fashion: Tundra Shaitan auto-sight of Vanga color tracers red ball Aim recharge over tanks other… And the usual set of allowed mods: hangars, sights, info, panels, XVM. Download Lom-Packk – cheat modpak for … Read more

Modpack Wotspeak

Модпак Вотспик для World of Tanks

DownloadModpack Wotspeak this is one of the most popular builds with banned mods for World of Tanks. Wotspeak mods are known for their stability and regular updates. Some mods are allowed, and some are forbidden. So the modpack is also suitable for fans of legal modifications. It is convenient that the mods are Packed in … Read more

Mod Tundra for WoT

tundra world of tanks

DownloadDownload and install the best mod for the best game World of Tanks — Tundra! ⏳ More visibility, more hits, more pleasure! Vegetation on the map gives not only the beauty of the game, but also helps players to hide equipment. Sometimes tanks become practically invisible to the enemy and it becomes more difficult to … Read more