How to download prohibited & illegal mods for World of Tanks?

What mods are prohibited in WoT?

Mods and cheats that provide the World of Tanks player with an advantage that the Administration considers excessive are prohibited. Such cheating mods for World of Tanks fall into the list of prohibited ones, and players caught using the modification categories from the list below will be punished.

See the list of prohibited mods below.

  • Mods that display enemy positions in some way other than the one implemented in the game client:
    • marking destroyed objects on the map or mini-map in real time;
    • changing the way of displaying the tracer of the SPG shells or calculating the position of the enemy SPG based on its tracers and marking them;
    • showing “flashed” cars, even if you are not aiming at them.
  • Mods that make it easier to dodge enemy shots by determining their aiming point and projecting the intended trajectory of the projectile, for example, using a laser beam.
  • Mods that report the reloading of enemy vehicles or display their reload timers.
  • Smart scopes that offer more options than the standard client-based target acquisition functionality. Especially those sights that automatically aim at the weak spots of the vehicles and / or at the enemy vehicles in general, and also “take” the target behind the obstacle and calculate the lead for the player.
  • Mods that allow you to automatically use standard (non-premium) equipment.
  • Modifications that change the transparency of objects on the map.
  • Modifications that display “ghostly silhouettes” of enemy vehicles in the position where the vehicle was “lit up” for the last time.
  • Any possible modifications that change the parameters of vehicles or game objects, affect the gameplay and violate the Rules of the Game, which may appear in the future.
Cheaters "BANNED"!? | World of Tanks Illegal Banned Mods, Hacks and Cheats Not To UseCheaters “BANNED”!? | World of Tanks Illegal Banned Mods, Hacks and Cheats Not To Use

The last category is modifications for analyzing armor in battle.

We believe this functionality provides players with a significant advantage. Given that such modifications were not previously considered prohibited, we are not adding them to the list yet. At the same time, work continues on its own version of the tool, which will allow you to receive the necessary information in battle.

After the creation of this tool, similar modifications with additional functions (for example, those that display vulnerabilities in battle) will be included in the list of prohibited.

Please note: this only applies to mods that work in combat. We are absolutely not against mods that only work in the Garage (not during combat). Moreover: they help new players to gain the necessary knowledge and learn how to effectively fight various machines. Therefore, only those modifications that provide additional information in battle will be included in the list of cheating mods.

List of prohibited & illegal mods (cheats)

  • Vanga
  • AimBot Shaytan look-ahead sight
  • Enemy recharge timer (from various authors)
  • Mod X-ray
  • Three-color direction of the available target
  • Mod Tundra (by various authors)
  • Red balls at the place of the artillery shot (mod for art)
  • Mod Chameleon – 3D tank skins (and its analogues)
  • Mod Shadow (the outline of the tank in the place of the last light)
  • Laser pointer-sight
  • Mod Lhit – indicator of hitting the enemy without glare
  • Reload indicator above the tank of enemies and allies
  • other

Cheating forbidden mod builds and modpacks

  • Build Wotspeak Mods
  • Cheat Pack Cyborg by Terminator7010
  • Modpack D Mod
  • Build cheats and mods from shefer

What will be the use of prohibited modifications?

A uniform system of punishment has already been introduced for all regions:

  • The first case of using cheat mods is a warning and blocking of the account for 7 days.
  • Repeated – permanent blocking of the account without the right of appeal.

Какие моды World of Tanks запрещены

What to do if banned?

Paradoxical and ridiculous – just wait 7 days. This is the first case. If you have already been banned on an ongoing basis, there are already no options. New WoT account with invite code only .

It should be understood that before the final verdict is issued to the stumbled player, experts will check and take into account absolutely all factors, which will exclude the adoption of incorrect decisions. Thus, the decision cannot be appealed.

We want to create a comfortable environment for all players, so we will continue to support the principles of fair play. We rely on your support in this endeavor and we look forward to receiving your feedback.

Be responsible and play fair without cheats!

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