Cheat Mod Destroyed Objects and Felled Trees on the Mini Map


An excellent cheat mod that displays destroyed objects and fallen trees on the map. Very useful in random and especially team battles. The minimap marks the places where enemy tanks destroy buildings and break trees. Thanks to this, it is immediately clear where the enemy tanks went. They are easy to meet and ambush. Super useful mod if there is one against 2-3 opponents. Knowing their location, it is easy to get around them, eluding the battle.

Destroyed objects on the minimap

In addition to the minimap, an indicator is also displayed in the form of a green eye with the distance to the car:

Mod Felled Trees

How to setup

All changes can be made in the file (use Notepad ++):  World_of_Tanks / res_mods / / scripts / clientmods

  • several different destruction warning sounds can be selected
  • the distance of displaying indicators and markers is adjusted
  • a choice of several modes of display of destruction
  • you can choose different options for the animation ripple
  • on / off red pulsation in battle
  • on / off sound signal in battle
  • on / off mini map mode with markers separately
  • set data update time (for weak computers)
  • on / off mode of indicators and markers separately
  • setting the sensitivity of destruction markers
  • disabling the destruction inflicted by allied tanks
  • disabling the display of destruction if the enemy is in sight
  • several modes of displaying markers when destroyed
  • configure the on / off key of the mod

To get rid of the pop-up window in the hangar, delete the WOTres_mods.9.20.0scriptsclientguimodsmod_destruction.pyc file and restart the game client.


Чит Разрушенные объекты на миникарте для WoTЧит Разрушенные объекты на миникарте для WoT

How to install

Extract the scripts folder to World_of_Tanks / res_mods / / with the replacement of files.

Download Cheat Mod Destroyed Objects and Felled Trees on the Mini Map

direct link
direct link

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