Modpack Cyborg for World of Tanks


The update of the Cyborg cheat modpack for WoT from Terminator7010 is already waiting for you! As always, an excellent assembly of forbidden and cheat mods for bending: timers, sights, pointers, x-rays and much more. In addition, there are a large number of legal mods. And all this collection in a convenient autoinstaller – download, run and install.

Mods in the Kiborg cheatpack

  • A large set of forbidden sights, where you can find such popular aiming as Proaim, Shaitan, Darktim, as well as an option from SAE, with a choice of one of three versions.
  • Two mods showing a reload timer over enemy tanks.
  • Two x-ray options,
  • This is a popular cheat for showing the outlines of opponents through obstacles.
  • Chameleon, replacing standard equipment models with simplified ones.
  • A mod that shows the equipment installed on the car.
  • Removing the objects under fire from the map.
  • Shadow is a cheat for showing tanks on the battlefield that have just come out of the light.
  • Cannon lasers.
  • Mark the location of the opponent’s ART-ACS with a red ball.
  • Automatic fire extinguishing by standard means.
  • Destruction indication.
  • Transparent vegetation. Модпак "КИБОРГ" для WoT. Модпак “КИБОРГ” для WoT.

How to install

  • Install all fonts.
  • Then run the exe file and follow the directions of the installer.

Download Modpack Cyborg for World of Tanks


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