Modpack Wotspeak


Modpack Wotspeak this is one of the most popular builds with banned mods for World of Tanks. Wotspeak mods are known for their stability and regular updates. Some mods are allowed, and some are forbidden. So the modpack is also suitable for fans of legal modifications. It is convenient that the mods are Packed in an automatic installer, which allows you to get the necessary configuration in a few clicks.

Anyone who crashes when entering / exiting the battle – do not install mods from the second page of the modpack. If the Modpack has stopped working, XVM may be at fault. Reinstall the modpack by removing all the boxes on the XVM page (the second page of the installer).
Among all assemblies of the mods – Modpak Wotspeak the most popular cheat build which has cheats, and allowed of fashion. Installation is simple, using the installer in exe format.

Forbidden mods in the modpack

  • Disabling foliage (Tundra).
  • Timer for reloading an enemy tank.
  • Displaying destroyed objects and fallen trees on the minimap.
  • Shadow at the place where the enemy was last detected outside the drawing circle.
  • Laser pointer and Color tracers.
  • Simplified tank models with a reservation error.
  • The outlines of tanks behind obstacles protivnika.
  • Bulletproof objects-allows you to easily hit the enemy behind fences and bushes.
  • Red balls at the place of Arta’s shot.
  • Smart car sights.
  • Auto repair (analog – Moda screw).

How to install it

Запрещённые моды World of tanks Wotspeak mod pack вотспикЗапрещённые моды World of tanks Wotspeak mod pack вотспик Below are: the first two links are READABLE, and the next two are an Armor build with ALLOWED mods .

Download Modpack Wotspeak

direct link
Google Drive
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