Fast crew treatment and smart repair modules

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To equalize the chances against the strongest enemy and gain superiority in battle, install the Cog mod to repair modules. Most WoT players often have difficulty choosing which equipment to fix first: ammo rack, tracks, gun, horns, engine, or maybe shell-shocked crew?

To increase efficiency in battle and no longer ask such questions – use Cog – a cool cheating mod for World of Tanks, which functions like a script to automatically trigger a repair kit, first aid kit or fire extinguisher. It is these 3 components that must always be available for the mod to work.

Unlike other modifications, “Screw” is very specific and works on the principle of quick repair of the module that was damaged first. You can download it for free without registration from our website at the link below. In the default settings without classification, there is a strict procedure for treating crew members and restoring equipment, even though it cannot be repaired.

  • Unpack the archive and copy the contents of the WoTres_mods folder.
  • Go to the scriptsclientmods directory and run the “repair_extended.xml” configuration file in the Notepad ++ program;
  • Inside there are 9 blocks: “Options” (permission to use various types of equipment); “Buttons” (assignment of hot keys) and others,
    which allow you to change the settings: which tanker to treat in the first place, select the order of modules, etc. – everything is individual for LT, ST, TT and PT.

How to install

After downloading, copy the mods folder to the root directory of the game with the replacement of files.

Important! Before installing the updated mod – completely uninstall the old mod!

Download Fast crew treatment and smart repair modules

direct link [714.43 KB]

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