Merkava mods for World of Tanks


Introducing Merkava mods for World of Tanks – one of the most popular cheat modpacks. Cheats for WoT from Merkava immediately increase survivability on the battlefield, improve the aim of fire, speed up repairs and firefighting, remove foliage and generally make you feel like a king on the battlefield.
Hard Cheat Mod Pak Merkava – a unique collection of cheat mods for real winners tanks!

List of cheats in the assembly of Merkava mods

  • Automatic sights: Shaitan, SAE, Autobot from Delysd.
  • Two options for always active contours – enemies will be visible through any obstacles.
  • Timer recharge opponents.
  • A set of mods for auto repair, auto treatment and an automatic fire extinguisher.
  • Different types of tracers – allow you to calculate the shooting enemy.
  • Vegetation Removal (Tundra): You can remove foliage only in sniper mode, or change the opacity by selecting the 25% or 50% option.
  • Destroyed objects.
  • Four types of Shadows – displays the location of the last light.
  • Light exposure indicator.
  • Mod red pillars.
  • Display of installed modules on enemy vehicles.
  • laser pointers,
  • displaying damage to an undelivered enemy and red balls for art.


  • NOT COMPATIBLE with other modpacks
  • antivirus programs may be triggered during installation.

How to install Modpack Merkava

Run the installer from the archive and follow its instructions. It is important to choose the correct installation folder.

Download Merkava mods for World of Tanks

Google Drive

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