Enemy reload timer for World of Tanks

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Download the reload timer mod for World of Tanks, which in real time shows the enemy’s readiness to take a shot. This will help you quickly navigate to choose the right maneuver and strike the enemy at the right time.
Experienced players can rely on their intuition and knowledge (it does not always help out), while others prefer to use some tricks and do damn well at it.

This cheat for World of Tanks displays the cooldown not only of the enemy, but also of allied tanks. Above each combat unit, a small circle with an electronic dial inside is displayed, which leads a countdown.

It is important to take into account that reloading above the tank has 3 color modes:

  • red – the enemy is reloading or is behind cover;
  • green – the enemy is too far away to conduct effective fire (also displays the cooldown of allies);
  • purple – the enemy is ready to shoot.
Таймер перезарядки над танком противника  World of Tanks 0.9.5Таймер перезарядки над танком противника World of Tanks 0.9.5

How to set up the Recharge Timer

  • Add the configurations in the .xml file.
  • Control the buttons: F10 (switching modes of operation to activate the visibility of reloading all tanks or only enemy / allied);
  • F11 to enable or disable the mod.

It’s time to download the Enemy Reload Timer over the tank and get a tangible advantage in one-on-one combat or in a team skirmish. The mod works taking into account all the ups and modifications of combat modules, so it gives out accurate information. Download its official version absolutely free of charge and without registration from our website.

How to install

Extract the files from the archive to the World of Tanks / res_mods / / folder with replacing the files.

Download Enemy reload timer for World of Tanks

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