Vanga sight for World of Tanks

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To conduct flawless shooting ahead of time, an experienced tanker uses all the theory of ballistics, but it is easier for a modern player to download and install the Vanga sight for World of Tanks for free without registering from the official website.
On the battlefield, there is no time to carry out mathematical calculations and predict in which zone you need to shoot in order to accurately hit the enemy and inflict maximum damage.

Everyone has one problem – traditional aiming assistance is useless in 90% of cases.
Therefore, the use of cheats for WoT is justified by the desire to surpass enemies and not become a goat among the wolves. But Vanga’s sight belongs to the category of prohibited ones, since its effectiveness is equal to the “AIM” cheat in Counter Strike. How to be? To prevent a ban and general indignation, you should not divulge the “secret” of your achievements. Learn to control a smart sight for World of Tanks!

How to set up the Vanga auto sight

  • All parameters of the improved auto sight are configured in the “aim_1portii.xml” file. It is located in the WoTres_mods scriptsclientmods folder (for the old version) and in WOTmodsconfigsaim_lportiiaim_lportii.json (for the new one).
  • Use Notepad ++ for editing.
  • see the picture (clickable)

настройка автоприцела Ванга

Features of the cheat sight Vanga:

  • Improved automatic aiming and target lock on the radius.
  • The X-ray effect is involved – capturing and tracking the shelters.
  • Shooting is carried out only at the vulnerable spots of the tank: the tower, the hull and its lower part (NLD).

Attention! The sight fixes the aiming point in the center of the tank. This only works well if the enemy is turned sideways or stern towards you. If he tanks with armor, then even Vanga will not help you in any way – the projectile is simply not capable of piercing at an acute angle. Here “straight arms” are already needed. The mod protects you from useless shots at the tracks, gun mask, etc. but in certain situations, when it is better to mix manually, it makes sense to turn it off.

Чит мод Ванга для World of TanksЧит мод Ванга для World of Tanks

How to activate the Vanga auto sight

To activate the sight, hold down the right mouse button, then lock the target. Learn to do it quickly. Aim at the enemy and tracking the enemy will begin immediately. Then you just need to press the shot button. Download the auto sight for World of Tanks “Wang” right now! Activation instructions are below.

How to install

  • Copy the mods folder to the game folder.

Download Vanga sight for World of Tanks

direct link
direct link

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  1. как сделать так, чтобы он сам наводился, при наведении на танк в ближнем бою
    ??? упреждение мне не надо

  2. как правильно настроить прицел, для комфортной стрельбы

    • Привет! Добавил скриншот с пояснениями, а к архиву с модом добавил “Вариант конфига для Ванги.txt”. Там есть проверенная конфигурация. Пробуй.

  3. конченные !!!!! учитесь сами предугадать противника………

    • Если тебе нравится оглушение от арты и время сведения в 2,5 раза больше, то стань на колени , открой рот, закрой глаза, и смотри не абасрись!

  4. “Извлечь папку object и scripts в World_of_Tanks/res_mods/ с заменой файлов.
    Новая версия: скопировать папку mods в папку с игрой.” Тут нету таких папок как бы, куда устанавливать и как конкретнее можно?

    • Нажмите Скачать, потом выберите версию: Новая или Прицел Ванги(старая версия), скачайте её. Открываете архив и там есть эти папки

  5. на авто прицеле башня не поворачивается за целью…. обнови,, исправь….

  6. Последняя обнова не работает как ни устанавливай…печалька…

  7. Не плохой мод, советую каждому попробовать. Стрелять стало комфортнее


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